Hello, hi and welcome to the new and improved – yes that’s correct, this website is a new and improved version of something that existed before. Unfortunately the entity that was became fairly unused in recent years, due to other commitments, becoming a father and basically an unclear vision of what I wanted to be.


So what is


Ok straight to the point are we? Well first and foremost it’s a blog, which is sort of like a vlog but you have to read the narcissism rather than just watch it.


Do you think vloggers are narcissistic?


As a person that has dabbled in vlogging quite enthusiastically in the past, yes, yes I do. Also who are you? Because it’s just me, at this keyboard, am I developing a personality disorder?


No you’re not. Can you leave the questions to me though; you’re ruining the flow of this post.




So why is the website called


Well essentially it’s what I call myself on the internet, you know how they have alter egos in the matrix? Well that’s me except in reverse, I’m Dan in the real world but here in cyber space I’m bizmandan. I don’t want to make the comparisons between me and Thomas Anderson/Neo but we’re basically the same person, except for all that “the one” nonsense oh and the kung fu… not so good at that- I tried plugging myself in to learn once, but all I learnt was that 240 volts gives you spikey hair.


So what kind of things are you going to be blogging about?


Well as the website is named after me, I feel it’s only appropriate to blog about things that interest me.


Such as?


Well I was just about to tell you, before you rudely interrupted me!


Ok, chill, this is never going to work if we can’t work together.


I’m sorry man; I’ve just had a long day y’know?


Hey man, its cool we all have our off days, anyway stop arguing with yourself, I’m sure the nice people want to know what you want to blog about, so you were saying?


The things that interest me include but are not limited to:


  • ·      Myself
  • ·      Movies
  • ·      TV
  • ·      Food
  • ·      Jamie Oliver
  • ·      Comics
  • ·      Nerd culture
  • ·      Politics
  • ·      Nintendo


Wow that’s a really broad range of subject matter, are you not worried that readers will just feel super disengaged by what you’re writing about?



But I don’t really mind, in recent times I have discovered that I have been under nourishing a very important part of my personality, my creativity. As a result I have been disengaged with my life and feeling pretty unsatisfied to be honest. So I’m going to write, I like writing and I think I’m actually ok at it as well. As time goes on, I hope people will read this blog and enjoy it but if they don’t, I don’t mind. This thing is for me, more than anybody else.


Wow! You actually got really deep there for a second!


I know! Right?


So what have you got planned for


The same thing I have planned for every other website I have ever made disembodied voice, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! Or failing that, just get a few more twitter followers to massage my ego.


 Dan, you crazy.


I know disembodied voice, I know.